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This road map of the city of Songkhla, capital of Songkhla Province, South Thailand, dates from about 1976

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Songkhla is a historic coastal city in the south of Thailand, and is the capital of Songkhla Province. It is positioned on an isthmus at the opening of the extensive Songkhla lake to the Gulf of Thailand, and is a fishing town and important harbour. It is the major seaport on the east side of the Isthmus of Kra, and is a town of historical, architectural and cultural importance.

This street map dates from about 1976: a thumbnail is shown on the right - click to open a large map in a new window.

The streetmap shows:

Hotels: Samila Hotel

Monasteries (Wat): Wat Laemsai, Wat Sai Ngam, Wat Sraket, Wat Teenmeru, Wat Chaeng, Wat Donruk, Wat Leab, Wat Donyae, Wat Yangthong, Wat Chaimong Khol, Wat Phetmongkhol, Wat Huapombnoak, Wat Huapombnai, Wat Pho, Wat Mudchimmavart, Wat Utaitharam, Wat Salahuayang, Wat Rongwast

Government: Songkhla Naval Station, Harbour Master Office, Thai Marine Police, Khao Noi Palace, Stadium, Provincial Court, Provincial Administrative, Municipality Office, Railway Station, Library, Hospital, Telephone Organization, Post Office, Songkhla Marine Fishery Station, Fire Brigade, Juvenile Court of Songkhla, Songklha Airport, Songkhla RTAF Airbase, Head Quarter Patrol Police Religion 9, Neurological Hospital

Schools & Colleges: Mahavajiravudh School, Kindergarten School, Technical Institute College, Vachiranukul School, Vocational Girls' School, Sonkhla Teacher College

Roads: Chol Charoen Road, Laem Sai Road, Ratchadamnoen Road, Sukhum Road, Sadao Road, Chai Khao Road, Vichienchom Road, Raeng Phraram Road, Srai Ngarm Road, Chaiya Street, Nasan Street, Srisuda Road, Ramvithi Road, Tepa Road, Suanmark Road, Chana Road, Pet Kiri Street, Nakorn Nai Street, Rajdamnern Road, Chaimongkhol Street, Talay Luang Street, Ramvitee Road, Rahman Street, Pattani Street, Yala Street, Patalung Road, Naradhivas Street, Kamphaengphet Road, Chawang Street, Bandon Street, Nakorn Noak Road, Tao-It Road, Taoloung Road, Ratuthit Road, Sai Buri Road, Kaoseng Road, Kanchanavanitch Road

Other: Golf course, Bull fighting arena, Khao Tunguan, Khao Noi, Klong Khwang, Klong Samrong, Khao Kaoseng, Khao Samrong

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