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Do you know of Joseph Craven or Edith Dewhirst, former teachers at Carlton Grammar School, Bradford, England?

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Joseph Craven and Edith Dewhirst notice of marriage

(I found two newspaper cuttings slipped into an old 1912 copy of "The Morris Book" by Cecil Sharp. Joseph Craven married Edith Dewhirst on June 8th, but unfortunately it doesn't say what year, though it must be after 1962 (see information from Howard Walton at the bottom of the page. Another newspaper clipping in the same book dates from about 1961. I'd be delighted to hear from you if you were searching for information about these people, and will be happy to send you a higher resolution image of the cuttings if you wish.)

Former teachers marry

Two former members of the staff of Carlton Grammar School, Bradford, Coun. Joseph Craven, of Fairbank, Glen Road, Eldwick, and Miss Edith Dewhirst, formerly of 22 Whitby Road, Bradford, were married at Bradford Register Office today.

Coun. Craven was senior history master and librarian and retired almost two years ago after 34 years on the staff. He has been a representative of East ward on Bingley UDC since 1957 and is chairman of the Libraries Committee. A former chairman and trustee of Eldwick Memorial Hall, he is a member of Eldwick and Gilstead Horticultural Society, and during the 1939-45 war he commanded the Eldwick section of the Home Guard.

The bride's father, Mr. Alfred Dewhirst, has been a member of Bradford ILP for over 60 years and held the treasurership up to a few weeks ago. At one time he was treasurer of Bradford Labour Party.

The picture shows the bride and bridegroom after the ceremony.


CRAVEN - DEWHIRST. - On June 8, at Bradford Register Office, Joseph Craven, of Eldwith, to Edith, elder daughter of Mr. Alfred and the late Mrs. Dewhirst, of Bradford. Future address: "Fairbank," Glen Road, Eldwick.

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Further information

I received an email on 3rd July 2009 from Howard Walton, who remembers Joseph Craven and Edith Dewhirst, and wrote:

"I was a pupil at Carlton Grammar School, Manor Row Bradford from 1957-1962 and remember these two members of staff. He was history senior and librarian as stated, and she was the only female member of the teaching staff. She was always a form mistress of first years and each of her succeeding year classes was always designated "1D" per her surname initial (I was in "1K" for Mr. Kennedy). Her most well known peccadillo was to insist on always being addressed by the boys as "Miss Dewhurst" - never just as "Miss" which she felt was "common." Your cutting must be dated after 1962 as the couple were not married when I left."


Then Michael Davis, who attended Carlton Grammar School from 1957 to 1964, and now describes his location as "West Sussex (in exile)",
emailed on 3rd April 2011:

"I came across this article whilst travelling around Bradford on Google Earth. Miss Dewhirst was my form teacher in '1D'. She was quite formidable, very formal and strict, but fair. She brooked no nonsense. She wrapped my knuckles with the edge of a ruler more than once. I still have a good recollection of ancient Egyptian history, and good command of English grammar, thanks to her thorough methods. She seemed to believe in me, which inspired and motivated me to work hard, and I surprised myself by coming top of the class. Surprised because, at junior school, I had performed poorly. After Miss Dewhirst I believed in myself. Anything seemed possible. Even University. We need good teachers like Miss Dewhirst now. Thank you, Miss Dewhirst...you certainly made a difference to my life and this paragraph is my eulogy to you. (ps I remember Howard Walton...tall, good looking and quite debonair)."

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