The Artist

This comical fellow is a watercolour illustration he created in a relative's autograph book in the 1920's.

Tom made no secret of his admiration for the works of the artist Cecil Aldin. I'm not sure if they ever met, but they would have had the opportunity to meet at the London Sketch Club. He owned and displayed many of Aldin's works.

Tom had one picture exhibited at the Royal Academy and was a member of the Nottingham Society of Artists.

The whereabouts of the rural lane in the painting below is unknown but he painted many similar scenes of unspoilt country life. He seemed to enjoy painting tranquil scenes, I think they reflected his gentle character.

The Crown at Oakham was somewhere he enjoyed visiting. He painted pictures of places he enjoyed. Often this type of work was published by his employer Thomas Forman. This particular image was reproduced as a calendar picture.

I believe that the Crown at Oakham has made way for a supermarket !

This painting of William the Sailor was for a greetings card that Tom distributed to his friends and family one Christmas during the 1950's.