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using layer blending modes in Photoshop

All you need to make this method work is to be able to identify something in the photo that should be white.

Open the photograph in Photoshop. Original photograph with colour cast
Zoom in (Z) onto something that should be white (in this example, the magazines on the table in the centre of the picture)
Select the eyedropper tool (I) and left click on the photograph on something that should be white (but isn't, because of the colour cast). You only have to find one pixel! Or you can set the Sample Size to average the colour over a small area.

The colour in this case was RGB<185, 176, 109>
pick up a colour that should be white
Create a new layer over the photograph.

Fill the new layer with the colour you picked up, using the paintbucket tool (G)
create new layer and fill
Invert the colour of the new layer (Ctrl I) Invert new layer
Change the Blending Mode of the new layer using the drop-down list in the Layers palette - select Color Dodge
When you select this, the colour cast will be corrected. this corrects the colour cast
Zoom out (Ctrl 0) to see the whole photograph The final result in Photoshop
Here's the original for comparison: Original photograph with colour cast

Variations on the technique:

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