Welcome to Himalayan Dreams!

We are Paul Exall and Joe Wyand, two Englishmen who have simply fallen in love with a special place….

We too once wondered just what secrets the world's mightiest and most mysterious mountain might hold. What lay within that mystery …. beyond the shroud of an ancient mythology, beyond the tales of some of Man's most fated expeditions…
And so it is not without reason that the little Himalayan resort of Gulmarg has gone largely unnoticed…

Our thanks go to the people of Gulmarg, in particularly our friends Yasin , Hamid , Mana , Mehraj , Magbullah , Billah and all the others at the Kashmir Alpine Ski Shop, for making this all possible, and for not letting Kashmir 's troubles dampen their sense of humour and love for life.



We hope you enjoy the website - it is for the benefit of all. If you have any questions, we would like to try and help you. As two of Gulmarg's most experienced foreign guides we are uniquely placed to do just that. Please, if you don't find what you are looking for here, contact us and we will try to answer your query!

  Hope to see you in 2005!

Paul and Joe


photos © Joe Wyand