The Kashmir Alpine Ski Shop

The one and only Kashmir Alpine Ski Shop was founded in the mid 1980s by local legends Mr Yasin Khan and Mr Hamid Dar. It is a partnership that still survives today. Both men were brought up only a few miles from Gulmarg, and during the summer months they can still be found tending the crops or extending the family house in their nearby villages. Several times a year, Yasin takes some time away from his cherry orchards to lead expeditions in the Himalaya with Mercury Travels, often taking responsibility for film crews and other journalists keen to discover the secret delights of this inspiring mountain range. Zingri-wallah Hamid used to be one of India's top skiers, and he now looks after the business side of the shop.

The Kashmir Alpine Ski Shop remains Gulmarg's only private ski shop. It has also opened every year since it was founded despite the troubles in Kashmir and despite the lack of tourism. These facts, combined with the personalities of the shops' owners have made the ski shop one of the most memorable parts of any visit to Gulmarg.

In recent years, the shop has grown in strength through family and friends. All are experienced guides, instructors, technicians and competitors…. Hamid's younger brother Mehraj Dar, Yasin's son Arif , Englishmen Mr Paul and Mr Joe, Israeli pioneer Ido Neiger, and Dane Peter. Yasin, Hamid and the rest of us all hope to see you in 2005!


For Hire:

* There is a healthy selection of good skis, boots, poles, snowboards, snowboard boots, and clothing at exceptionally reasonable prices.
-Skis and Boots: 250Rs/6$ per day
-Snowboard and boots: 500 Rs/11$ per day
-NB 30% discount for week or more rentals

* Goggles and gloves are available to rent but have been in short supply,

* Experienced mountain guides, both local and foreign – please see the guides section for more details

* Trained and experienced ski and snowboard instructors.
-Ski Instructors: 500 Rs/ 11$ per day per person
-Snowboard Instructors (NZ certified) : 500 Rs/ 11$ per day per person
-NB group restrictions may apply.

* Photographers

* And of course the very latest in his and hers winter fashions, available from as little as 100Rs/2$ per day … !


Hamid and Yasin also have a limited number of basic rooms available. Self catering facilities can be provided. Heating comes in the form of the traditional Bukhari, a solid metal wood-burner. Please contact us for bookings or more details.


The Kashmiri Alpine Ski Shop
Hotel Highlands Park

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